St. Louis’ Best Ribs Special

If you love ribs, it’s time to stop into Sharpshooter Pit and Grill at 8135 Gravois here in St. Louis.  The best deal in the city on the best ribs you can get is live, and we don’t want ANYONE to miss out!  Come in today to get a half-slab of ribs, 2 Sides, and […]

A BBQ Date For Valentine’s Day!

Looking for the perfect night out for Valentine’s Day?  Tired of the traditional candlelight dinner and a movie?  Why not try something a little different?  Maybe you can find out if you have better aim than Cupid at Sharpshooter’s!  Come in for a delicious meal at the Pit and Grill, where we have a HUGE […]

Sharpshooters BBQ For Your Event or Meeting

Sharpshooters Pit and Grill is a uniquely positioned restaurant to take care of all of your organization’s needs for a corporate event or fundraiser! We have everything you need for a unique event, from a large company meeting, to a training seminar, to a team-building exercise, come and visit us at 8135 Gravois Rd in […]

The Best BBQ Restaurant In St Louis’ Pulled Pork

Sharpshooter Pit and Grill St Louis is the area’s best barbeque restaurant, but how did it get that way?  It’s simple – they put in the time.  They take each item on their menu and create a unique taste that keeps people coming back.  Take the pulled pork, for example. The Pitmaster comes in at 5:30 […]

Smoked BBQ Ribs at St. Louis’ Best Barbecue restaurant

We get a LOT of questions about how we slow smoke our ribs to get that tendeess and smoky flavor in every bite, and pushed throughout the ribs.  While we can’t give away any of our recipes for our rubs (that’s a tightly guarded secret!) what we can give you is a snapshot of the […]

Looking To Carry Out St Louis’ Best BBQ?

If you’re hungry in the St. Louis area, but you don’t have time to sit down, stop by Sharpshooter St. Louis Pit and Grill, the best barbecue restaurant in St. Louis. Finding the right carry-out meal combo is essential, as you need to know what will feed you and your family. Enter the carry-out meals […]