PHONE  314-353-4745

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Sharpshooters Pit and Grill is a uniquely positioned restaurant to take care of all of your organization’s needs for a corporate event or fundraiser! We have everything you need for a unique event, from a large company meeting, to a training seminar, to a team-building exercise, come and visit us at 8135 Gravois Rd in St. Louis, MO to see what we can offer!

We have a full-service BBQ restaurant, along with the largest indoor shooting range in St. Louis. This gives your organization the ability to schedule time at the shooting range as part of the event, something that no other restaurant in the city can provide to your organization. We also offer firearms training and Conceal and Carry classes, so there are a variety of activities for your whole team. There is a fully stocked firearms store next door, as well as a terrific jewelry store. All-in-all, Sharpshooters offers the best corporate event in St. Louis! Please, call us at (314) 353-4745 or email Danielle at to make an appointment. We’re looking forward to seeing you!