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State-of-the-art BBQ restaurant, Sharpshooters Pit and Grill, delivers a unique experience to the people of St. Louis, MO with their delicious daily Smoked BBQ!

It is a new day for lovers of smoked meat in and around St. Louis.  Sharpshooters Pit and Grill, seeks to bring a one-of-a-kind experience to people of the area. Strategically located in the largest world-class indoor shooting range in St. Louis, the BBQ restaurant is reputed to deliver an exceptional dining experience, bringing the immense benefits of smoking meets to the people of the area.

Smoking meat remains one of the oldest methods of cooking and meat preservation in the world. Over the years, technological advancements have led to the introduction of new ways of smoking meat without necessarily altering the original idea. Some of the amazing benefits of smoking meat that have endeared it to millions of people across the globe as delivered by the team at Sharpshooters Pit and Grill are briefly highlighted as follows:

Meat Tenderization 

The process of smoking the meat ensures the penetration of smoke, breaking down the collagen muscle and ensuring the fat melts and spreads all over the meat to deliver a unique, unequaled taste.

Meat Flavoring 

Smoking delivers an unbeatable flavor to meat, with the mixture of wood and smoke in combination with the sweet natural taste of meat giving an out-of-this-world taste. Smoking is particularly unique unlike grilling where moisture is lost, it dries it up to the meat, maintaining a unique blend of the combined taste of the meat, smoke, wood, and other added spices.


Smoking meat is also ideal for health-conscious persons as it helps them to avoid using preservatives, making it safe for practically anyone, even those with underlying conditions.

Despite the emergence of other meat cooking methods in recent times, smoking has maintained its leadership position and Sharpshooters Pit and Grill aims to deliver its benefits to as many people as possible in and around St. Louis.

For more information about Sharpshooters Pit and Grill and the range of smoked meat, including brisket, smoked turkey, and a host of others, visit - and Facebook.

About Sharpshooters Pit and Grill 

Sharpshooters Pit and Grill is a BBQ restaurant located inside of the all-new, state-of-the-art StL Sharp Shooter Shooting Range- the newest and largest world-class indoor shooting range in St. Louis MO. The business specializes in serving delicious BBQ daily, with their signature on-site smoked brisket and turkey endearing the restaurant to customers across the city.

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