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Barbeque is one of the oldest and most heavenly cooking traditions one can experience. It brings a unique and mouth-watering flavor to the meat. The way it is done depends on things like our culture, our traditions, and our taste buds. However, the most delightful technique that is known all over America is the St. Louis style BBQ.

The St. Louis Style BBQ is world-famous due to numerous reasons, but the main reason is the succulent taste it offers. St. Louis style BBQ is a long standing tradition to many is St. Louis and abroad. Unlike those orthodox methods where meat is ready with a good rub, the meat in St. Louis BBQ is grilled and smeared with a good load of sauce along with its beautiful appearance.

Whether it is the barbeque ribs, smoked turkey, briskets, or pork. St. Louis BBQ always provides a distinctive flavoring sensation. Here are few aspects that help make good St. Louis style BBQ here at Sharpshooter Pit and Grill St. Louis.


Cutting up the Meat

This style of BBQ mainly focuses on how the meat has been butchered before its ready to be put on the smoke rack or the grill. One essential thing in this process is the removal of the extra parts from the meat and then later using them for side dishes.

The meat is not only sliced up for its clean-cut appearance but also because it needs to be grilled or smoked in a way that it becomes perfectly tender.


Grilling or Smoking

The option of grilling or smoking the meat normally depends on the liking of the feaster. If the BBQ is well smoked, it can deliver a unique flavor to the meat. Charcoal smoker and wood chunks are generally used to acquire a range of flavors.

People in St. Louis normally prefer meat on a grill, which is accomplished by charcoal, electric, and gas grills. This equipment is to set on 225 degrees Fahrenheit before the meant is put on so it can be perfectly tender.

There are various BBQ restaurants in St. Louis that provide these options. However, Sharpshooters Pit & Grill is considered one of if not the best place in St. Louis to get a St. Louis Style BBQ of your choice.


The Sauce

When someone says St. Louis style BBQ, it means grilled, then sauced meat. The sauces that are used are sweet and sour and one of the vital ingredients of a St. Louis style BBQ. A variety of these sauces include ingredients like vinegar, mustard, ketchup, apple cider, white sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and much more.

The process of saucing usually starts in the last 15-30 minutes, and the meat is then set in foil for the sauces to kick in.


Serving St. Louis Style BBQ

Once the ribs are done being rested, and the sauces have sunk in, it’s time to serve it up and eat. Either it is smoked turkey, beef brisket, or pulled pork, all of them are served with an extra supply of BBQ sauces to enhance the flavor.




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