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Why Bang Good BBQ has the best BBQ, Brisket, and St. Louis style ribs in the City

A good barbecue is more than the sum of its parts.

Real good barbecue is the result of magic that occurs between heat, meat, spice, and smoke.

Cooking up a batch of good barbecue is an art form.

Here at SHARPSHOOTERS PIT AND GRILL, we pride ourselves in our world-class barbecue ribs, brisket, and smoked meats.

No Place Like St Louis

The United States is a large country with a diverse culinary landscape, especially when it comes to barbecue. From the Carolinas to Texas, from Memphis to Alabama, meats are smoked and grilled with a passion that nears religious fervor.

But if there is a place that serves unquestionably good barbecue, it is Missouri. Missourians have been perfecting the technique of slow-cooking and smoking good cuts of meat for ages, and the results are more than evident.

St. Louis in particular is the Mecca of good barbecue. Thousands of local grills compete for the title of the best barbecue in town, and do so in hundreds of world-class culinary competitions every year. And while each place prepares its own specialties and secret sauces, some spots rise above the rest.

SHARPSHOOTERS PIT AND GRILL, located inside the all-new, state of the art St. Louis SharpShooter gun range is one of these places. But why does this spot have such a bang-good barbecue?

The answer is simple: Flavor!

The folk at Sharpshooters Pit And Grill are up to something mighty because the amount of flavor they are able to achieve is nothing to scoff at. Open daily, these folk are delivering mouth-watering, tender, delicious meats with a flavor profile that is the envy of the competition. Their sweet, tangy, sticky bbq sauce is hands-down the best in town.

Also, these guys know how to smoke! Smoking meats is hard; in fact, most people go about it the wrong way and end up with bitter, but-tasting food. At Sharpshooters Pit and Grill, smoking is done using tried and true methods built on decades of experience.

If you don’t believe the hype, I understand. Everyone and their mother boasts about having the best barbecue. Thing is, you don’t have to take my word for it. Swing on by SharpShooters today, and give their on-site daily-smoked brisket and turkey a try. Order a batch of tender, fall-of-the-bones sticky ribs, or a pulled-pork sandwich and find out for yourself why this is the best barbecue in St. Louis.

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