Straight Shooting

Southside Guns and Ammo has broken ground on their new shooting range, Sharpshooters STL!

Southside Guns and Ammo and Southside Jewelry are proud to announce we have broken ground on the areas newest indoor shooting range, Sharpshooters STL. Sharpshooters STL will be a full service indoor shooting range including 20 lanes, comfortable 4ft wide lanes, high quality training available, qualified instructors with law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Sharpshooters will feature a full service BBQ restaurant, lockers will be available for customers to store their goods while they eat at our restauruant, shop at our fully stocked firearms and jewelry neighboring/sister store; Southside Guns and Ammo and Southside Jewelry.

This facility will be one of the largest indoor shooting ranges in the midwest! All 20 lanes are compatible up 50cal. The MANCOM fully automatic target retireval system will be available to shooters; all to insure a top quality shooting experience at Sharpshooters STL.

Things That Make Sharpshooter a Great St Louis BBQ Stop

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Missouri barbecue is a thing of beauty.  Sure, I’m from Missouri and perhaps a little biased, but my home state doesn’t always get the credit it deserves on the smoked meat front.  When Missouri barbecue is mentioned, most people think of places like Memphis.  Well, right here in St. Louis, Missouri at Sharpshooter Pit and Grill we serve championship BBQ every day.

Pork is King

By and large, pork is the one true king at Sharpshooter Pit and Grill.  The cuts of meat may differ by venue, but there’s one thing we can agree on: Pork makes the best barbecue.  Pork shoulder is perhaps the most common now.  Our Pit and Grill pork shoulder is slow-cooked, up to 14 hours smothered in our secret rub.  After a cooling period, our chefs shred the pork meat to prepare our award winning sandwiches for our loyal customers.

Sharpshooter barbecue is what many aficionados would call true blue barbecue.  None of that slap it on a hot grill with a thick layer of sauce stuff – this barbecue is a whole-day love affair.

This means the meat is cooked low and slow, the fat slowly liquefying while basting the meat, and smoke flavor gradually permeating the outer layer, thus creating the “Smoke Ring”.  It’s a labor of love and pit masters tend to their BBQ with care.  Undercook the pork and it will be chewy.  Overcook it and the meat becomes stringy.  The magic is in-between – juicy and flavorful, and easily falling off the bone.

A quintessential element of Sharpshooters Championship BBQ is is the perfect amount of wood smoking.  Our woods of choice are apple and cherry, which deliver a milder, sweeter flavor than other wood.  No matter how it’s done, the basic requirement is smoldering wood kicking up fragrant smoke and infusing the meat in the process.  It will form a reddish ring near the exterior of the meat, which, again, creates the “Smoke Ring”.  It gives the slow-cooked meat a smoky flavor, complementing the flavor of the meat without overpowering it.

Come by Sharpshooter Pit and Grill for the award-winning BBQ that is slow-smoked to “PERFECTION”.

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