Straight Shooting

Southside Guns and Ammo has broken ground on their new shooting range, Sharpshooters STL!

Southside Guns and Ammo and Southside Jewelry are proud to announce we have broken ground on the areas newest indoor shooting range, Sharpshooters STL. Sharpshooters STL will be a full service indoor shooting range including 20 lanes, comfortable 4ft wide lanes, high quality training available, qualified instructors with law enforcement and military backgrounds.

Sharpshooters will feature a full service BBQ restaurant, lockers will be available for customers to store their goods while they eat at our restauruant, shop at our fully stocked firearms and jewelry neighboring/sister store; Southside Guns and Ammo and Southside Jewelry.

This facility will be one of the largest indoor shooting ranges in the midwest! All 20 lanes are compatible up 50cal. The MANCOM fully automatic target retireval system will be available to shooters; all to insure a top quality shooting experience at Sharpshooters STL.

Sharpshooter's Best Brisket in St Louis

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Why do we love smoked brisket above many other types of meat?  Is it because of its resonant, beefy flavor, its exterior as shiny as black patent leather, its speckles of fat moistening every mouthful, while leaving stains on the eater’s shirt?  Yes. the very nature of brisket is to be delicious.  Yet, there is more to it at Sharpshooter’s Pit and Grill.  We love brisket because cooking it is a spiritual path, a quest that, as a wise man once said, begins with a single log.

The steps to insure perfection are threefold.  The seeker of brisket truth must first embrace mental discipline, immersing himself in the craft of tending the smoker temperature and minding the meat.  Second, the seeker must practice physical discipline, just like our very own pit master Joe D., to be capable of wielding and slicing a twelve-pound brisket after having mothered that brisket the precious 12-14 hours.

To complete a brisket of this professional quality it’s all about low and slow, for a perfect period of time with routine observation.  When the interior temperature has reached that perfect level, it’s pulled from the smoker, wrapped and allowed to rest for at least 45 minutes before serving.

Sharpshooter’s Pit and Grill in St. Louis prides itself on serving the most delicious brisket in the St. Louis area. To insure the quality and taste of our brisket, each is trimmed by hand and generously seasoned with our homemade house brisket rub.  After sitting for 24 hours we then take it to the smoker to start the journey of lean juicy brisket, ready for a plate or sandwich.

This is a real labor of love!

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