Smoked Turkey St LouisAt Sharpshooter St. Louis Pit and Grill, we have a variety of smoked meats, and one of our most popular is our smoked turkey.  We use our top-secret rub (don't ask - it's TOP SECRET) and brine to create the juiciest, most delicious bird available in St. Louis.  Then, we slow smoke it, locking in those juices for hours, until the flavor is infused throughout the meat.  

Our carvers then prepare the bird so that we can sell it.  We offer our smoked turkey in sandwiches, carry-out by the pound, on a plate with sides, and in a salad.  The myriad of ways to have our turkey lets it be a meal staple for the whole week!  

Paired with our delicious sides:  baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, green beans, applesauce, corn on the cob, french fries, and sweet potato fries, our turkey is a mouth watering meal for everyone.  Come in and see our restaurant at Sharpshooters BBQ St. Louis Located at 8135 Gravios, right here in St. Louis, MO for the best barbecue and smoked turkey in St. Louis!  Make sure to visit the shooting range while you're here!  Check back at for more information!